Person-Centered Care

This feels nice and easy, and just like home.

When we think of home, we think of an oasis where we define what makes up the quality of our lives. We decide when to awake, when to go to bed and when to enjoy the indulgence of a nap.

We decide what to eat and when to eat it. We decide when to enjoy the company of others in public spaces such as our living rooms, patios and kitchens.

We decide when to be comfortable in the private space of our bedroom whether to read, enjoy a much-loved television program or simply be alone with our thoughts.

All these things make us think of home. But what if you could have all these comforts and feelings of independence, without the work and maintenance of a home, not to mention the cooking! As we age, we earn the right to do what we want, when we want, and be free from those burdens we don’t want. Creating the perfect environment on a person-by-person basis, where the living is easy and just the way you want it. This is the essence of the care at Elmwood Gardens, a Presbyterian SeniorCare Network community in Erie, Pennsylvania.

A place where getting older truly means getting better. Where aging is made easier and more enjoyable without sacrificing independence.

Does transformation in the way we provide care make a difference? There is a growing body of research that suggests it certainly does, and on several different fronts. This evidence has shaped our philosophy and renewed our dedication to making aging easier:

  • From 2000 to 2010, Masonic Villages of The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania reported a 44 percent decrease in falls and injuries, a 13 percent decrease in the use of psychotropic medications and a 30 percent decrease in weight loss – all attributed to Culture Change.
  • Data from the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign indicates that members who made Culture Changes also made progress in reducing poor outcomes and improving pain management.
  • The Pioneer Network found that a decrease in the percentage of residents who spend most of their time in a bed or chair happened most often among adopters of Culture Change.
  • Westminster Thurber’s 2009 study shows 98 percent satisfaction and recommendation to others of its services after Culture Change initiatives.
  • Wesley Village study shows that employee turnover decreased from 70 percent per year to 18 percent once Culture Change was implemented.

To learn more about our our services, please contact us online or call us at 877-810-1213

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